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RE: Leather sport church pews...

Gee, I think you should retrofit the cloth sport seats from the Synchro into
the tqw and sell those awful church pews to a deserving lister....   :-) :-)
They wouldn't happen to be titanium grey leather, would they???

Ed ... in search of titanium grey leather sport church pews.
91 200q avant
87 Coupe GT

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> Subject:	Re: 5KCSTQ Blues Question re: suspension
> >How do you like the BOGEs up front in your 200TQ?   
> Just put BOGEs all 'round, it's a fairly agile family sedan style ride 
> on my wagon.  Initially it seemed harsh on small bumps, either it 
> smoothed out or I got used to having functional shocks.  The leather 
> sport seats still seem like church pews compared to my Synchro's cloth 
> sport seats.
> Scott Miller
> Holland/Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
> '90 200tqw (six weeks and still pouring time and $ in)
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