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V8 Troubles - Engine Repair AND Mechanic Problems

In message <85256640.00657E0F.00@aardvark.inso.com> "Richard Haroutunian" writes:

> sounds like a real long time to do a timing belt.  Mine only took a 1/2 day
> or so -- but it's not a V8.

It's not just the belt now, though, is it?  It's two complete head
strips on one of nature's most inaccessible engines.  Plus the huge
procedure (and essential service tools) to re-align the cams.  I
_bet_ it's the last one this mechanic tackles.

If the job's done properly, _all_ the valves (32) have to come out and
the new inlet valves have to be seated.  Then the heads have to be
properly cleaned and rebuilt.  I'd reckon on 1 1/2 days for the strip,
first time round, and then a day each for the heads - assuming no
problems.  Then a day to reassemble.  32 valves is 64 springs and 64
collets.  Plus parts waiting time - I'm now into nine working days
waiting for a brake servo from Germany.

Roger Galvin has found a spare engine in a scrapyard in London, and is
seriously considering just buying it as a possible future spare even
without knowing its history.

 Phil Payne
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