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87 5ks A/C Compressor Clutch

Hello Listers

I was driving my wife's 87 5ks on Saturday (with A/C on high), when smoke 
started coming from under the hood.  After pulling over I noticed that the 
A/C compressor was locked, and the belt was smoking around it.  I turned 
the A/C off, and sweated home (115 degrees in Phoenix).  When I got home, I 
got a better look, and found that a piece of black plastic had made contact 
with the compressor, and stopped its movement.  The plastic melted and 
found its way all through the clutch assembly.  The clutch is still 
functional, and lets the belt turn it freely, however it is not turning the 
compressor, as the air is not cold.

Can I change out the clutch assembly without discharging the system?  My 
understanding is that the clutch is sold separately.  Has anyone else had 
this happen to them.  If not, beware of any loose plastic around the 
compressor, its a killer.

Cliff Dawson