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Kills Zits At The Source

    I picked up some leather cleaner at the Bass Shoe store and went to work
on my wife's Corrado last weekend. She has 50K miles on her car, and I was
amazed at how much dirt was in the leather. In retrospect it wasn't that
    My car has clothe seats, and 105K miles on it. Still, my leather
steering wheel was looking dried out, so I took some of the stuff to it. I
was amazed at all the crud that was on my steering wheel. It turned the
towel I was using black. That's some serious crud. So I was thinking, lately
I have been getting zits as commonly as when I was 15. Nothing like late
puberty at 26. I am guessin' this was the culprit or a contributor.
    This has no performance use to you, though if you value your hygene,
give leather conditioner a try on your steering wheel. Mine just didn't look
dirty, but I guess being black, it won't. Wish my black paint would hide
dirt so well.