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Re: rear diff mounts, 4kq

    If your rear diff mounts are worn out, you will certainly enjoy the
results of your efforts here.  I did my rear diff mounts on an '86 4kcsq
(165K miles) a few weeks ago and am ecstatic with the results.  The center
diff mount I could not extract, so the original still resides therein, but
it appears to be in o.k. shape.  I am told it requires dropping the sub
frame or removing the rear diff altogether.  Unwilling to take that step,
the old one is still there.  The rear side diff mounts are simple to
remove.  Put the car up on jacks/ramps/blocks, support the rear diff with a
jack, remove the bolt/nut, insert new mount, tighten, and you're in
business.  You may need to fiddle with the jack to remove the mount once the
bolt is removed, but it is not too difficult.  My neighbor strung over his
air impact tool, which, although reluctant to use at first, made the job a
lot easier; especially when it came to breaking loose the somewhat rusty
bolts down there.  Go for it and enjoy.
    Very Truly Yours,

David Coleman wrote:

> ok.  it's been over two hours (no exaggeration) since i started perusing
> the archives for a quick btdt on the rear mounts for an 86 4kq.  Whew.
> They really are quite difficult to manipulate effectively...
> ANYway, anyone btdt on a mid-80's 4kq rear diff mounts?  The whole diff
> moves when i jam a prystick (big screwdriver) in there.  Has anyone
> replaced these to solve a clunking sound successfully?
> mucho thankos,
> dave