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Re: Audi alignment nightmare

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, scott miller wrote:

>This sounds like a repeat of my brother's alignment nightmare on his new 
>'96 (his third Quattro).  One dealer adjusted the camber under warranty, 
>the next told him camber wasn't adjustable, another told him it was 
>normal, etc, etc.  The lemon law took effect and he was entitled to a 
>replacement, but the '96 models were all gone.  Audi came in and took a 
>confrontational stance.  It wasn't 'till he actually pursued legal 
>action that Audi finally offered him a '97 A4q with a smaller engine.  
>He fought for a V6 for a while and finally gave in, unsatisfied and 
>bitter with Audi.  My family has had a dozen Quattros (and my Synchros), 

Wow... That sounds exact what my cousin went through... Except he was up
against VW on his Passat in late '80s. The problem is that the engine
would flame-out during driving. No one can figure out why. Replacement car
fell through. He threatened with legal action, and VW finally did a engine
swap. But that fell through when VW withdrew the offer later. Now no one
in the family would ever buy VW.

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