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Re: cameraderie?

Chris Woodward wrote:
> Mike Zamarocy wrote:
> > Hey Jon, I take exception to that.
> > [...]
> 1997 A4ta here with TAP chip, Jamex Filter, Eibach Springs, 17 X 8 Borbet Type
> T's wearing Bridgestone Potenza S02's.  I am not one of those who just drives
> an A4 because of its faddishness.  I did, however, notice more cameraderie with
> Wrangler owners (when I was one) than I do with Audi owners.  I always get
> ignored when I wave, but will continue to do so in hopes that some enthusiasts
> will pop up here in Atlanta.
I can only think of three or four listers in the Atlanta area--it's
pretty thin around here.

> Not all automatic or non-quattro owners are non-enthusiasts.  Quattros are hard
> to find in this climate, and automatic in the traffic I regularly drive in is
> essential.
I agree on both counts here--as much as I gripe about the automatic
transmission, it's much nicer than having to work with a manual when
you're stuck for 1-2 hours on the same stretch of 285.  And when my
mother was looking for a quattro, the salesperson at Jim Ellis tried to
talk her out of it--she finally got one at Audi of North Atlanta (highly
recommended, BTW).  
I usually get funny looks when I flash the lights or wave at other Audi
owners.  I think the only reaction I've ever gotten was from someone in
a fluorescent yellow A4--I flashed and waved out the window and he gave
an embarrased little wave back.  Oh well!

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."
	--The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

> Chris
> '97 A4ta