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Re: camaradarie?

In a message dated 98-07-13 16:23:05 EDT, jim_haseltine@email.msn.com writes:

<< Usually the thought process on meeting an Urq is something like:
 "Hey, that looks like......"
 (glance in rear-view mirror)
 "..a quattro..."

Or any turbo (or 20v NA) quattro:).  I averaged 59.9mph for 4 hours with
atleast 10 stop lights, and 30min of being stuck going 40mph behind slow (old,
rusty, big cars).  Do the math.  Not bad for a 5ksq.  Wonder what would have
happened if we took the CQ 20v.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ
'87 5ksq