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Re: Help:100CS Tranny

Hairy green toads from Mars made P-O Selander say:

> Elliott Potter wrote:
> >I only ask because I've got a sort of hesitation in my auto trans, but
> it's in 1st gear--Shift into drive, push the gas, the >engine revs, then
> the trans *suddenly* catches and the car lunges forward.  Also happens
> if I'm stopped and I floor the >gas--it takes a long time to shift into
> first and actually move.  Kind of dangerous, really.
> Elliot,
> That is the sympton of low oil level in your tranny. Like if it takes
> longer for the pressure to build up in the torque converter.
> When I had a leak in my tranny a few years ago, and once failed to spot
> the VERY low oil level, that's exactly what happened to me. Start the
> car, let it warm up, put it in either neutral or park, check oli level
> in tranny.

Good to know, because I'm starting to battle a similar problem (with
dealer, car is under warranty).

However, according to this dealer, who may have just been trying to
blow me off, you can no longer check the ATF that way. There's not
even a dipstick. You need VAG 1551 and a cold car, and you run it up
to operating temp with 1551 plugged in to watch something ramp up.

Jeez, I HATE it when they make stuff like this....


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