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Dave Pollard's "The Audi Quattro Book"...

My copy of "The Audi Quattro Book" written by Dave Pollard and published by
Haynes was sitting at my door when I arrived home yesterday evening ... off
came the tie and shoes, out came the Laphroaig and I was soon sitting very
comfortably in my favorite chair, book in hand.

After reading and/or flipping through it, I was somewhat disappointed.
While it's always nice to have another book for my shelves, I didn't learn
anything new about the Ur-Q -- or even the Sport Q, for that matter -- and I
disagree with a few of the author's comments and/or opinions (and not just
the ones about Torsens, either!).

Of course, anyone with an interest in these cars should buy the book as a
matter of course but if you're after inside-scoop or nit-picky details that
haven't been covered in print elsewhere (guilty as charged!), you'll be at
least a little bit disappointed.  Frankly, given the state of the publishing
industry today, I am surprised this book ever made it into print in the
first place ... I mean, how many copies could they possibly expect to sell?
5,000? 10,000?  I guess it's just as well that I'm now in the tax biz now as
I never did understand how the publishing industry works... 

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