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Deceased 4kcsq

Well, another nice Q is killed in action. My wife and I were rear-ended by
a car full of minors Sunday night. Pushed us 65 feet...good thing I was in
neutral. rear bumper, both rear quarters and probably the rear subframe and
exhaust got smooshed. kid had his license about a week. he and his three
friends has no seatbelts on, one kissed the windshield, the two in back
promptly moved to the front seat, and the 16 year old driver got a face
full of Chrysler airbag. My wife and I were basically unhurt. Luckily my
best friend was following us in our 200 (we were moving this weekend) and
was behind the carload of toddlers and was witness to the complete lack of
brake application...It also happened in my home town, so the police were
very helpful, I have know some of them for years. we went to the hospital,
waited 3 1/2 hours in the ER waiting room and went home at 12:40 am.

another q bites the dust....now those springs are really for sale ;^)

Matthew Twigg
1989 200t
1987 4000 CS Quattro (RIP)