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Re: Deceased 4kcsq

Someone please cue the taps .wav file. Hats off in respect please.

mtwigg@fdpcorp-boston.com wrote:

> Well, another nice Q is killed in action. My wife and I were rear-ended by
> a car full of minors Sunday night. Pushed us 65 feet...good thing I was in
> neutral. rear bumper, both rear quarters and probably the rear subframe and
> exhaust got smooshed. kid had his license about a week. he and his three
> friends has no seatbelts on, one kissed the windshield, the two in back
> promptly moved to the front seat, and the 16 year old driver got a face
> full of Chrysler airbag. My wife and I were basically unhurt. Luckily my
> best friend was following us in our 200 (we were moving this weekend) and
> was behind the carload of toddlers and was witness to the complete lack of
> brake application...It also happened in my home town, so the police were
> very helpful, I have know some of them for years. we went to the hospital,
> waited 3 1/2 hours in the ER waiting room and went home at 12:40 am.
> another q bites the dust....now those springs are really for sale ;^)
> Matthew Twigg
> 1989 200t
> 1987 4000 CS Quattro (RIP)

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