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Re: WGFV, LED Tester and WOT Switch

>Thanks Phil. That is how i rigged it. Waiting for the commute to work
>so that I can open her up. So this will let me know that the ECU is
>trying to correctly do what needs to be done but the WGFV may still be
>bad? So how do I test the WGFV itself?

At the beginning of my commute the LED flickered as long as I was WOT
and I saw full boost (1.4) on the digital guage.  After about 30 miles
I went WOT (water temp guage below 1/2 mark), the LED did not flicker
and only saw 1.3 on the digital guage.  Bad WOT switch?

TIA as always,

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 259K Miles