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RE: Trailer hitches for 200's

For 124.50 at GT Welding in Murray Utah (801 - 262 - 9693) I got a class
II trailer hitch on my '91 200qt that does not interfere with the
exhaust or appear below the valence. The hitch is welded to the frame.
When they installed it they also removed the tow loop. So far I am happy
with it.

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	The only trailer hitch that will approximately fit a 200 is the
one from 
	De'lan. I had it on my last 200qw, and I hated it. First, its
really ugly, 
	cause the cross bar hangs down below the rear bumper valance.
And second, as 
	you mentioned, it interferes w/ the exhaust (though you can not
tell upon 
	installation - its only after the exhaust heats up and expands
that it hits), 
	and last, its requires many holes to be drilled. I went up to
visit del'an in 
	Shirley mass, and even their chief engineer told me that it "is
not really a 
	good fit on the  turbo quattros".

	www.stationwagons.com has pictures of this hitch.

	For my current tqw I have designed and made a hitch that is
completely hidden 
	except for the receiver, and requires no drilling. The first
pass is not quite 
	strong enough, and I have not had time to make the needed
modifications. The 
	thing cost about $40.00 in material and $60.00 in welding (and
about 30 hours 
	of design time, trying to figure out how to do it). If you are
ever in Mass I 
	would be happy to show it too you.

	Hope that helps,