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K24 vs. K26 vs. RS2

Hi Audifans,
I just read a few "supersonic turbos" threads, and of course, I'm now more
confused than before.  Here are my impressions, please correct me (Scott J.
aka QSHIPQ esp) where appropriate.

The K24 is a good 'low-end' turbo.  Comes on at 2,000 rpm, can handle 1.8
bar  (12-13lbs) no problem.  Will increase a K26 based MC's low end nicely.
May be a problem at higher rpms (don't know at what rpms).  An inexpensive
solution (w/a good used K24) to low-end problems on a slightly modified
(e.g. QLCC) car.  Not real good for turbo mods or for higher boost levels.

The K26 is good for higher level of boost (up to 18 lbs), with a low end
penalty.  Needs 3,000+ rpm to really start boosting.  An IC can help, but
not solve, the low-end problem.  Also good at higher rpm ranges.  Can be
readily modified to provide better low-end boost.  Around $800 and up to

The RS2 turbo seems to try to be the best of both worlds.  Good low-end
boost (not as good as a K24, much better than a K26), and great high rpm
boost ability.  Comes with a price penalty.  $2,000.

My .02.  Tech nerds please fire at will.

Gary Lewis 196km
86 5KCSt 5sp 1.8 Bar