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re: A4 suspension

Harrison wrote:
I've convinced my father to buy/lease a new A4 1.8q so that I can take
his old 90q. I need to replace my recently deceased 90q. We are sort of
stuck on the issue of the sport package. The car comes with some ugly
15" alloys and kind of high suspension. For those that do not already
know, the "sport" has a lowered ride and 16" wheels. Is there anyone out
there with a 1.8q that has experience with the normal suspension with
16" wheels? We do not want to spend the extra money and we actually have
a set of A4 16" wheels lying around. I just wonder how much better the
lowered car performs.

I have the 1.8t with the non-sport setup, but I immediatley bought a set of
16" wheels for the car.  The 15s were too small and came with crappy tires.  I
put some GT4 225/50 16s on the car and it looks great.  I will be putting some
1" lowering springs on it next to give a more sporting ride and more
aggressive look.  The stock suspension is actually just fine....but the sport
suspension is just great.  So, buy the sport option, it is a steal at $400!

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