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Clutch pedal sticking

Last Friday my wife used my 87 5kcst and complained that the clutch
pedal wasn't coming all the way up.  She always seems to find a new
problem with the car every time she drives it, I hadn't ever seen this
problem.  Sure enough the clutch pedal stuck partially depressed for me
this noon.  It feels like there is a detent in the movement and if I
pull up on the pedal with my toe it snaps into a full out position.
When I depress it there seems to be a snap over position about half way
down.  It feels like an accentuated version of the Audi non linear pedal
that took me sometime to get accustomed to.  Am I looking at a little
grease in the pedal support under the dash or is it a more ominous sign?
Any advise on the clutch pedal problem?

Another question.  How noisy can a fuel pump get before it fails?  Is
the failure most likely to be catastrophic or will I first start getting
the ominous full throttle cut out?  I replaced a noisy pump at 75 k
miles for a cut out problem now at 220k miles the replacement pump is
making quite a bit of noise.  History says if it is going to fail
catastrophically it will happen when my wife is driving.