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Re: Another far-fetched front brake upgrade

(It appears that on the last email, the characters escaped from the
message, so here we go again...)

As I have mentioned in the past, my brother is a Crazy Junkyard Fool(tm).
He gets these ideas in his head, and wants to know if they will work.  I
give him as best an answer as I can, but sometimes I need backup.

His latest desire is to fit the 4-piston front calipers from a Nissan 300zx
to his Coupe GT.  I don't know much about the caliper, except that
it appears to be a fixed caliper design (rather than floating), and is
mounted on the front of the rotor.  The 300zx wheels are 16", and
the brake rotor looks to be larger than 11".

So, I am hoping someone on the q-list knows something about these
calipers, and if anything obvious would prevent them from being
adapted to a Coupe GT.  The primary issues with fitment I see are:

     (1) Will the 300zx caliper fit on an 11" rotor?
     (2) Will the 300zx caliper on an 11" rotor fit under a 15x7 ET35
	 wheel?  (both radius and offset concerns)

Personally, I think those calipers are overkill for the 2500 lb. Coupe,
and they aren't likely to afford balanced braking at both high and
low speeds.  I have been wrong before, though.  Besides, if the calipers
cost $40 for the pair, it might be a good learning experience.  Sometimes
you learn more from failure than from success.

'85 Coupe GT
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