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Importing Ur-Quattro

In message <199807141926.MAA23724@scv1.apple.com> Stan Jirman writes:

> I was wondering how people would comment on my idea of importing a
> 1988 Ur-Quattro from "back home", Switzerland, to "now home", CA. I
> looked around here and afaik, 1985 was the last year that they
> brought Quattros over here. The last two European years had the S2
> engine (230HP) and regulated catalytic converters, so it should be
> possible to get it registered here. Plus the analog instruments after
> the digitals were rejected by the audience :-)

The last two European years were 1990 and 1991.  It wasn't the S2
engine, but a close relative of the 3B engine used in US 20Vs.

I don't know about the "rejected by the audience" comment - ur-quattros
were digital to the very end, thank heavens.  What _have_ you been

> I called my dealer back in Switzerland last night (well, morning for
> him :-)) and asked how much for a low-mileage 88 UrQ, and he said
> around or below US$15k (they went for SFr 80k, or $55k, when new). I
> have been an Audi maniac ever since I saw the UrQ at age of 13 in
> 1981, and went thru 3 Audis so far, but never got to own an UrQ
> because they are rare here in the US (and not really in great shape,
> or at least not those that are for sale). Now I should be able to
> afford to maintain one, along with my A4.

I'm not sure what a 1988 Swiss ur-quattro would be.  The microfiche
for the ur-quattro lists a special model for Switzerland using a GV
engine - this is a derivative of the WR engine used in the rest of
Europe from February 1980 onwards.  Production for Switzerland
started in August 1982.

However - nominally, European ur-quattro producton cut over from the
WR engine in October 1987, and the MB engine was used thereafter.
There's no note about an MB variant for Switzerland (the MB has no
catalytic converter).  I strongly suspect that any ur-quattro registered
in Switzerland in 1988 or 1989 would have to be a GV variant of the WR.

Apart from isolated noise from Finland (you there, Youko?) I've also
never heard of a LHD version of the MB - the only ur-quattro Audi were
apparently building in 1988.   And you _certainly_ wouldn't get an MB
registered in the USA.

Anyway - we're certainly not talking about the (220bhp, BTW) ur-quattro
20V - engine production didn't start until September 1989 for the 1990
model year.  We're almost certainly not talking about an MB - there
is no Swiss version of the engine.  So it's a GV - a variant (albeit
200bhp) of the WX engine used in the USA.  Green digital dash, no
TORSEN, etc., etc.

A low-mileage 20V would cost ca. $30000 or more in the UK at present.
Roger Galvin just bought a 50,000 mile 1988 MB in the UK for $19000.

$15000 just confirms that we're talking about a GV/WR/WX.  Old

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