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Re: V8 Overheating

Paul- I thought my 1990 V8 was running hot also, but after much trouble
shooting I concluded its the rather warm weather we are having. In my case the
temp never exceeded  100 deg C . I guess I got used to checking the temp
before the car was fully warmed up,and got used to seeing 75 deg C.  There are
some simple checks you can make before going the rad rod route: 1) does the
electric fan run when you turn on the AC? 2) if you replace the radiator
sensor with a 100 ohm resistor does the elect fan run first a low then high
speed? 3) Do same for the engine sensor?  If these all check good, its either
the thermostat or the radiator itself. I hope you have been changing the
coolant every two years. The radiator sensor is located on the underside of
the rad on passenger side. The engine sensor is located on the front drivers
side where the upper cooling hose connects. Two other things to check if the
above checks are not all OK are the relays, and the fan speed resistors. The
relays are in the fuse pannel, and the resistors are mounted to the AC
condesor. Access to them is thru the front drivers side wheel well with splash
shields removed. Hope this helps.
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 
1998 A8 soon