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Re: Fender Flares?


>From what I've garnered from the list, the VW GTI/Jetta fender flares
will NOT fit on a Audi 4000 series car.  If you still wish to purchase
these fender flares, keep reading.  They are the stock rubber(?) flares
found on `85-`92 VW GTI's & Jetta's.  I found them for sale from
EuroSelect.  You can find them on the Web on Yahoo under either
"EuroSelect" or "European Precision".  Remember, these fenders aren't
suppose to fit on an Audi!


On Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:53:13 EDT A24k4x4@aol.com writes:
>Good morning Timothy,
>Please let me know what material and where you might get these.
>Al Swackhammer

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