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Re: Swiss ur-quattros


> This is an area of the microfiche that I've never dug into before, 
> but I can see it getting more attention over the next few weeks.
> First - Stan is right.  Audi _did_ build some analogue dash ur-quattros 
> solely for Switzerland starting in 1988.  The analogue dash section of 
> the parts fiche contains the line:

you are most resourceful :-) I will fax to my dealer and see what he  
can come up with, but that may take a while; I of course don't have  
any microfiches myself, just rely on what I saw.

At any rate, that's what I am looking at importing to CA: catalytic  
converter, new(er) engine, analog dash. To my knowledge, only to be  
had in Switzerland.

- Stan