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Re: Swiss ur-quattros


> There are an armload full of reasons why the cars you see are  
here.  There
> is a 'similar to' list that states that all the cars on said list  
can be
> imported with few or no modifications, as they were sold abroad in US 
> similar form.  The Ur-Q ain't on there.

Yep, just looked at the list, saw it, am disturbed :-)

I printed out all the forms and will see what I'll find out. The  
letter 5(a)(b)(c) does not appeal to me because of (c) - having to  
export it in a year again. Need the infamous loophole...

Well, well. And I thought us Swiss made it hard for foreigners to  
bring in their cheap cars... this is looking like more of a nuisance  
than one would imagine!

> I'm not trying to be a spoil sport.  But think about it.

I am! Boy, am I - that's why I asked here in the first place.  
Obviously this needs more research. Let's see what I find out -- gee,  
has _nobody_ out here ever imported a car to the US? :-)

> $22,000 wil buy you the bitchenist 1985 US spec Ur-Q you ever say

except with a digital dash <grin> :-)

Good luck is all we need,
- Stan