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Need help finding 90q or CQ. (Maybe a 4kcsq)

Hi everyone.  
Good news.  My explorer is 99% sold and i need to find a Quattro to replace
it.  I'm looking for a 90q or a Coupe Quattro.  I want a '88-91 90q or '90-'91
CQ.  First choice on the 90q is Red with black cloth, but pearl would be fine
too.  On the coupe I'm trying to stick with red/black leather or pearl/grey or
black, but of course if i find a really nice example, i'm not going to be
picky.  Ideally i'd like to stay at $8500 or less (obviously an '88 90q is not
an $8500 car) and i've found several in that price range, none on the q-list
though.  I'd like to give a q-list car a great new home.  If someone has a
really nice 4kcsq, i would possibly be interested in that as well.  either an
'86 com ed or a Red with black sport cloth or leather would get my attention.
I'm willing to travel for the right car, I've got the financing in place, so
that's not an issue.  I'm looking to buy either later this week or next week,
but will not rush just because i need a car.  Thanks in advance for everyone's

Bryan Bowen
Systems Management Consultant
Bell Atlantic Telecom Group Systems
Arlington, VA 22201 (Metro DC)

'86 CGT ComEd 168k (gone but not forgotten)
'93 Explorer -gone as of this weekend!!!!
__________ <--- insert new Q here!