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The Problems....

I am the Owner of a Glaringly red, 1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro and it's got
some problems....Big surprise, an Audi with problems:

1.) Left blinker blinks very fast, then not at all (interior), rear blinker
doesn't blink at all.
Is the fact that both of the interior green arrows blink when I put on my
signal mean anything to anyone?  Is this a design flaw or just specific to
my car?

2.) Car starts very rough, gasping a bit...Then if it's not given gas
immediately, it stalls out.  Runs steady after 30-45 seconds.

3.) Front end clunks a bit when I hit a pothole but clunks A LOT in the back.
I bought new strut mounts for the rear and hope this will help.

4.) Interior grey cloth apolstery is a little dirty and looking for a
low-cost way to clean it all up.

5.) Looking for the chrome "4000" from the back of my car, AUDI says they
don't make them anymore but I want one in mint cond.

6.) Sunroof doesn't roll back into the roof, as it should....I'm getting
streaks of a rubbery substance on the roof, like streak marks....Wondering
if there's an obstruction in the little sunroof walkway....

Well, that's enough for now...Who has an opinion/fix...?

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
Owner of a Glaringly red, 
1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro
Works like a charm, on Sundays.