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Re: Tough A/C bolts, falling idle, and more on the 5kcstq

At 07:24 PM 7/14/98 -0700, you wrote:
 But, I haven't been able to
>loosen some of the bolts, 

The steel bolts and aluminum bracket set up a galvanic corrosion thats can
be pretty tenacious...

>While I'm at it, let me ask a few other things:
>- The engine frequently dies after I've driven along steadily and then
>disengage the clutch as I come to a stop.  Is this possibly ISV

also check for air leaks.

>- I'm going to need new tires soon, and I'm concerned about the wheels.
>They are Riken 15x7's, and I don't know the offset but the rear tires,
>at their widest point, are almost flush with the fenders--and they're
>only 195/60's. 

The stock offset is 45mm. Betcha those Rikens are 35. I have to roll my
fenders to use 37mm A8 rims on a lowered suspension with stock plus one
configuation. Consider a set of A4 sport 16" rims - they are perfect and
there are plenty around now in the 6-700.00 range. They are a 16X7 45mm.

>- I'm leaking pentosin faster now (don't ask how much!). The car drives
>fine, though I don't know how it would with a new rack and pump, since I
>haven't had it long. I would much prefer to keep wasting pentosin for a
>few months and do the job later, but is it okay to keep driving with the
>leaks for a while? I

Long as yer willing to spring for 13.00 plus a quart. Expect to have to
replace trans mount on that side. Pentosin drying does weird things to rubber.

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