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Re: CAMARADERIE (lack of)

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>Here in the Twin Cities they have this saying, "Minnesota Nice."
>What a joke! I've tried to get their attention/wave at a number of
>Audi drivers. Most of the time they make like they don't see you
>or they have too much tunnel vision. Scott Anderson, Jonathan
>Brauer, Lawrence Katzenstein, and Mark Busse have probably
>had the same experiences here in the Twin Cities. There seems
>to be this haughtiness in some people if they own a European
>luxury car, like they are too good to acknowledge anybody
>else's presence. Actually had a female roommate in college
>whose parents owned a mid-80s 5k sedan, damn thing sounded
>like a 2stroke motor (obviously not take care of), but she sure
>thought she was something special just because her parents
>owned a German luxury sedan.
>I got jumped from behind once in the Military, so now I try to
>always be aware of what is going on around me, especially when
>driving. So if someone waves at me from an Audi, you can be sure
>I will wave back. By the way, I'm a Wisconsin transplant, so I
>definitely have an outsiders point-of-view on the so-called
>"Minnesota Nice." (Great propoganda campaign though)
>SIDE NOTE: Saw a guy in a Porsche Boxster the other day, rolled
>down the window and yelled "Nice car!" He got this ear to ear
>grin and yelled back "Thanks!" Said the car has great bang for the
>buck,  best value per dollar he's spent on a car in a long time.
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   Yeah, the Porsche guys do tend to be pretty cool... Once when I had a 
'75 Super Beetle,{and a chip on my shoulder, at a much younger, stupider 
age} I tried to be insulting to a yuppie in a 911 cabrio I pulled up to 
by saying "hey, my cars big brother!{my S.B. was in pretty sad shape}, 
but the guy shut me up by saying,"yeah, cool Bug, what year?"  They seem 
to like Audis, too, as one 944 turbo driver asked how much I wanted for 
my coupe. >

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