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Re: Coupe GT or 4000Q for a teenager? Bucksnort view

Thanks for the interesting reply.

As to safety, either car is worlds better than the Porsches, Corvairs, or MG's 
being discussed before.  Then again, I learned to drive in a B210 quickly 
followed by a Midget.  In retrospect, I guess I was pretty lucky.

Besides the "cool" factor, the "chauffeur" concept is a definite vote for the 
Coupe.  I think the fact I drove 2-seaters through high school and much of 
college likely kept me out of some "unsafe" situations.  Or, if I was in that 
"unsafe" situation, someone else was driving..... Add to that the fact that a 
Midget has a top speed of about 90 and also qualifies as a contraceptive 
device.... I pretty much stayed out of trouble!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI