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Fwd: Re: car w/gold badges

>Get this, I was at the dealer the othe night and oin the floor was a A8 with
>the gold package.  IMHO that is the best way to distroy what is otherwise a
>very pretty car.  I don't know what posseses people to do that.


At least in the case of Toyota,  the "gold" package dealer cost is $400.00.
Th "gold" package retail (list) price is $2,000.00.  Now....can you you say
"MOST PROFITABLE".....I thought you could.  Funny the "gold" package
cars are always in the "sale-sale-sale-we're-givin''-em-away-this-month" 
promotions!  Prolly Audi has a similar deal or the Audi dealer has a friend
is a Toyota dealer and saw the return on investment that gold plating can