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re: blinker flashes too fast

Symptoms: Day 1: Turn signal works normally. Day 2: Turn signal flashes at
double time. Day 3: Turn signal flashes, well, dash blinker and blinker noise,
flash at triple-quadruple-infinity, so that it just buzzes (no light bulbs
actually lighting) 
	This happened to my C-GT, too. All the archives point to is bad grounding, or
burned out bulbs. But all of the bulbs were fine. One archive made mention of
the hazard light wiring, and since my hazard lights have never worked, I
decided to start there: after I replaced perfectly good bulbs. 
	Pulling the hazard switch out of the dash is easy enough, a little wiring
slack from the factory would have been nice though, and once it's out -no
noise! (no lights either). So I took the hazard switch inside, stared at it,
tried to pry it open and failed, stared at it some more- almost Vulcan mind
meld, if you will- and then put it back in the car. Don't cha' know I fixed
it!? kind of?. With the hazard switch "on", all the blinkers work normally!
With the hazard light "off" it buzzes that nasty noise. 
	Some Electrical Guru will know what all this means; there probably is a bad
ground somewhere or something. For now, a new switch is on the way (nudge,
nudge: Michael Sheridan) to see if just the switch is bad. This "repair" has
worked 5 months so far, so the mind meld worked, on the switch: I experienced
the traumatic shock of being forcibly snapped into a dash pod, getting
harassed by Mr. Big Shot tachometer, and worst of all, the
love-me-and-leave-me attitude of the owners I try to protect. snif... 

good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck
-Shane East
85 C-GT