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Re: FW: trivia question (answer)

"Hussey, Dan" <husseyd@rayovac.com> wrote:

>I think the first _production_ car with AWD was the 1967 Jensen
>Inteceptor FF (yes, and that stands for Ferguson).  It was also the
>first production car with ABS brakes.  Had rear seat shoulder harneses
>way back in '67 as well.  Quite a remarkable car for it's time.  Built
>them all the way though the mid-80's as well.

Spyker had the AWD system in (albeit limited) production in 1902.

BTW, the FF was not recognised as a great car at the time and disappeared
due to a lack of sales after two(?) years. The Interceptor, sharing the
body shape but with conventional RWD, endured into the late '80s, after
several bankrupcies and takeovers of Jensen Cars.