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Re: Help:100CS Tranny

>However, according to this dealer, who may have just been trying to
>blow me off, you can no longer check the ATF that way. There's not
>even a dipstick. You need VAG 1551 and a cold car, and you run it up
>to operating temp with 1551 plugged in to watch something ramp up.


Don't believe the dealer on this one!  My 100CS didn't have a trans.
dipstick either so I called my dealer to order one.  The parts guy looked
and said "nope, none are available for this car".  So I asked about the
cost for a VAG 1551 - over $2000.

So as the saying goes, when all else fails, I read the Bentley.  They had
the Audi part number for the dipstick right there in the front of the trans.
section!  (I'd give it to you now but I am at work and my Bentley is at
home and I don't even trust my memory on something like that.)  So the
next day I call the dealer back and give the parts guy the part number
and he says "Yep, says here that's a trans. oil dipstick"  N.S. Sherlock!  It
took two weeks to get the part in but now I have one and can
check/change my trans. fluid myself.  BTW, I also ordered the trans.
drain plug gaskets and that took one week to get in.  What do they do
when they change trans. fluids in their shop - reuse the gaskets??!!

With my trans. I get the same fluid level reading when the fluid is hot as
when it is cold for some reason.  Of course with the engine running and
after shifting through all the gears a few times.  IMHO, I personally don't
believe the VAG 1551 adds any benefits to the process of checking your
fluid levels. 

Just my $0.02

HTH, Jim
1994 100CS (with synthetic trans. fluid)

P.S.  Does anybody know if KAR of MN is still in business?  I've been
trying to contact them about one of their Quattros for sale since Monday
but all I get is their ans. machine.  Anybody know if they are OK to deal
with?  They have some nice Quattros on their website at
http://www.karquattro.com/.    TIA