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[Fwd: A6 AM Radio Reception Improvement]

My '93 90S has the antenna in the rear window. All those wires
across your rear window aren't the defroster grid. The top 4 or
5 wires are your antenna. Mine seems to be a little lacking in
some frequencies. Techamerica sells a FM/AM radio booster
electronics kit, I'm considering ordering two, since my radio
has seperate AM and FM antennas, and seeing if that helps.


You can get a free catalog.

Michael Callaghan wrote:

> The last discussion on AM reception turned into a list of words spelled
> like voila, so I'm going to try to resurrect the original subject.
> Basically, I just traded (up?) from a 1990 200Q to a 1996 A6Q. Both cars
> had the Bose system. My A6 has an Audi Delta head unit.
> The 200 got wonderful AM (and FM) reception. I could get Boston AM
> stations in Manchester, NH, and vice versa. My A6, by comparison, can
> barely receive Boston stations just outside of Boston! In fact, radio
> reception in general is horrible.
> I've noticed that there is no obvious antenna on the A6. I've been told
> it's in the rear window.
> What can I do (other than replace the head unit) to improve reception?
> TIA!
> Michael Callaghan
> Brookline, New Hampshire
> 1996 Audi A6 Quattro
> 1998 Ford Expedition

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