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Re: Coupe GT or 4000Q for a teenager?

William Elliott decided to speak these words:

>I'm thinking the same may apply to a new driver.  Since there are less 
>"dynamics" in a FWD car over an AWD, I think a new driver might more easily 
>learn basic concepts like proper cornering and weight transfer.  (For a 
>lesson in weight transfer, try a Corvair sometime!).  Even as an experienced 
>driver, I've had to learn new techniques for the UrQ since the driving 
>are far different than any FWD or RWD car I'd previously driven.  And I 
>surmised the lack of AWD might dissuade a new driver from "getting in over 
>head" in dangerous driving situations.  (If you're 16 and stuck in the 
>driveway, you really didn't need to be out driving anyway!)

Well, you might not like to hear this, but after owning both, and only 
being 19, i would say go for the 4kq.  The Coupe GT in stock form vs. the 
4kq in stock form i would say is actually a better all out handler in 
terms of speed.  I know this might get me into a lot of trouble, but 
there is a reason why C&D gave it a 35 out of a possible 35 in their 
comparo.  what i love about my q is that the styling is gorgeous, even 
though it is a sedan..i dunno, its funny how that little spoiler on the 
back and those side skirts really finish off the design and make it look 
superb.  Once you learn to drive the q, its alot more fun and safe than 
the coupe gt.  Both suspensions are incredibly simple.  They both have 
the same front suspension, the 4kq just happens to have the suspension in 
the rear too...so its even simpler than the coupe in a way.  Anyway, jsut 
wanted to throw out my thoughts.


Michael Sheridan Williams
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