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4k,48k miles; 99AvantQ

Visited local dealer today for some Pentosin and saw a 1999 Avant V6 with
Tiptronic sitting in the back lot. Asked if it was sold, sales guy said
"not yet, just came in."  I have no idea if these cars are hard to find or
what....but I sure can't afford one today at $40,000.

Also saw two interesting used 1982 4dr 4000 models sitting there....both
one owner local cars that may be of interest to someone. First is  white
with automatic and 48 thousand verifiable miles, owned by a lady who
regularly trades in her car every 18 years.  Second was a red  stick shift
diesel, at 142k, owned by nearby farmer. Neither car had any visible flaws
and looked good through the windows. Asking prices were $3,900 for the
white car and $2,500 for the red diesel. No personal interest, but glad to
look closer for anyone who might ask. These cars are in Northern Ohio.

Doyt Echelberger          Doyt@NWOhio.com
86 4kcsq
87 5kcstq