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Re: Coupe GT or 4000Q for a teenager? Bucksnort view

In message <35ACFE39.11180888@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:

>>         You might also consider that with the Coupe there is not much room inside,
>> which means less temptation to be the chauffeur for all the classmates.
>> Doesn't mean he won't be the chauffeur, just that it's less tempting with a
>> very small back seat.

> They have the same back seat... both cars seat five "normal" people. who
> knows how many teenagers...?

One of the odd things about the ur-quattro is the amount of legroom
rear seat passengers have.  Thomas is now close to six feet and prefers
the rear "because there's more room".

Not many sports cars can do that.

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