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91 200tq bushing thud?

I've got 4,000 miles into the recently acquired '91 200tq and the punch list is looking good.  But....

Pesky problem:  right rear suspension noise.  The noise is a metal-against-metal 'thud' sound that occurs over bumps.  It doesn't always happen, but the noise will usually surface when there's a passenger in right rear seat, or when on sweeping left-handers (can you say 'load it up?') hitting those road reflectors.  

Audi dealership diagnosed and installed 2 Boge's, and the sound remains.  They confirmed this the day after the 1st visit, and the Florida Fires, pervasive walls of smoke, and Heatwave (not to mention basic bummer of $400 worth of failure) gave good reason to stay away from their open-shop for a bit.

This was a month ago.  Now, just picked up the car after 2 days at the Audi dealership, and they again verified the condition with a technician riding in the trunk, though were not getting the sound on a consistent basis.  They removed and inspected the control arm and found that the bushings are old but not damaged.  They also contacted their sources at Audi for guidance.  Bottom line:  they can't recommend a solution at this time.

My inclination is to order the bushings replaced.  They say you wouldn't have to do both sides (hhmm...) and at 3 bushings to a side, they'd press 'em in at some sub-$300 per side cost, some number under the real number, "they'd work with me on the price" since the first job failed to fix, which they've openly admitted to since it started.  Hmmm....  Some guidance here would be appreciated.

This is probably a good time to say that my regular (Porsche racing) mechanic just finished the once-over on the engine (plugs, all fluids, timing belt.... at 82k miles, scary-frayed) and some minor things last week, and compression is 190,190,180,185,180... comments?  The engine feels strong.

--Eric Geller
'91 200tq
'87 4000csq
'82 4000 (formerly)