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Wheels to 4K from Saab?

To save some time on this topic:

>At the recent Mt. Washington hillclimb in NH, Mark Besso was running an
>4000q, using SAAB (BAAS?) wheels.  He said they fit great; correct hub
>bolt pattern.  I'd go to a "recycler" and ask him about trying the fit
on a
>Saab rim (to make sure it clears the brakes, etc.).  Seems like an easy
>aftermarket upgrade.  The 9000's used a rim that looks a lot like the
>4kq rim; again, I haven't BTDT.

All SaaBs from model 99 and up have had 5 lug bolt pattern. 900, 9000
and 9-3 and 9-5 all use 5 -bolt pattern.

The only wheels you migth find for SaaBs are for model 95 and 96, anyone
remember these, a sedan and a station wagon? Think they both went out of
production i Sweden 1975 or 1976.

Good luck anyway, these were cars with great personality, albeit semi

  /// P-O