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Yet another 4ksq quirk!!!

Well just when I think that my car is finally running well, yet another
strange quirk is beginning to occur. It is a vibration and whining, hum
coming from the front end.  You can feel it in the gas and clutch pedals and
the steering wheel and it sounds sort of like a bearing drone or whine,
except it doesn't fluctuate w/ the speed of the car.  The weird thing is
that it only happens when the car is going straight or right turns but goes
away when the road curves to the right.  It used to occur sometimes in the
very cold weather but it stooped when it warmed up.  Now it is happening all
the time.  There is no clunking or clicking when turning the wheel that
would indicate a CV joint going south.  Just curious if anyone else has
experienced the same phenomenon w/ their 4ksq.  Also, how much do rear
shocks affect handling and how can you tell if they are bad- they seem to
pass the bounce test, but the back end seems to have drooped recently.  Any
thoughts would be very much appreciated as always.

Thomas C.  Turse
85 4ksq
Boulder, CO