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>like a 2stroke motor (obviously not take care of), but she sure


>owned a German luxury sedan.

I only think it counts as a German luxury sedan if it works right,
otherwise, it's really not that special. Isn't the whole point of owning a
german car having it run like a kitten on drugs? puurrrrrrrrrrr. Something

>I got jumped from behind once in the Military, so now I try to

Yah, that sucks. Hard way to learn that lesson. 

I always wave to Audi drivers, but I don't think they seem to get it.. Or
if you are in the same parking lot and say 'hey! nice car!' they look at
you like you were an IRS auditor with a vengangce coming to get them. gees.
Same thing with 3 series beemer drivers. the 5 and 7 (and 8!) series
usially smile & say 'thanks!'. 

Some people get it though, you can always tell, because they'll crack a
(slow) huge smile even if they don't process the wave in time to wave back.
Mostly people with 90 quattros, and people with S4's & s6's wave back. With
so many new A4's, there's a huge amount of clueless Audi owners who haven't
gotten with the program yet... (yet!)

Oh, well, back to washing the car. Stupid rain dropped just enough rain,
and blew enough dust to make the car all dirty again, but not enough to
cool things down. (wildfire season!!)
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