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Re: window motor worries

Mr. Daniel P. Grady writes:
> Do I really need to remove the inner door panel to remove/replace the
> motor/regulator assembly on an 87 5Kq ? The Haynes says I do but I don't
> believe everything I read in there. Anyone have the procedure on their web
> page or any helpful hints?
> Thanks.

You need to remove the interior plastic door trim panel (the grab handle,
latch backing plate, door lock pull, and side view mirror plastic
trim needs to come off first) and the sound insulation sheet inside.
You don't need to remove the door shell itself.  I have replaced
several 5K window regulators now... BTDT.  It helps if you fabricate a
little hook to pull off the circlip that secures the glass to the
regulator.  I use a nail with its sharp-end bent 90 degrees.

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