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Re: fog lights

Tim ranted.....

As I remember it, the 4000's didn't come with fogs.  It
> just had these reflectors next to the turn signals that's the size of a
>Bosch fog, at least on the `85's through `87's.  And you can't stick a
>light in there because that's where the bumper shock attaches.  That
>ticked me off.

Frank replies....

Me too. That is why I cut off half of the bumper mount, moved the turn
signals into the lower valence (I've got dual bulb euro head lights,
otherwise I would have moved the turn signal up into the amber sidemarker,
that would be a clean install) and widened the opening in the bumper. What,
you ask, did this get me? Enough room to flush mount a set of 9.5" wide by
3.75" tall, by 5.25" deep (or thereabouts) PIAA 90 Pros. Tremendous

Happy lighting,