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Re: Source for "affordable" euro-lights?

They're not what Dan's looking for, but I believe the single bulb 
H4's for 4k/CGT's can be had for around $360 a _pair_.  Maybe not 
at Blau, but they're not as expensive as below either.


tsal2@juno.com (Timothy C Salazar II) wrote:
> Seriously, the cheapest I've seem them in the states is from
> Blaufergnugon at about $250-$300 apiece.  And that's for the 4000/Coupes.
> "Hussey, Dan" <husseyd@rayovac.com> writes:
> >Hey fellow listers,
> >I want to order a set of euro-lights for my 200tq sedan.  But, seeing 
> >as how I am a lowly college student and don't have much money to burn,
> >where is the cheapest source for these lights?