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Oooooops, damn!

Mik's Mail wrote:
> Me wife was involved in a minor "fender bender" today
> with the 1988 90.........
> She's ok!
> Audi not so good..........

I hate to join in a thread like this but...

So was I.  I'm ok too (well, like I was before, you be the judge!).

Got hit on the left end of my front bumper by a drof truck, his bumper
hit mine.  Too bad he used the brakes and not the steering wheel to try
to miss me.  At the time of impact I wasn't even moving anymore...

The bad news:  Bumper got pushed about 3-4" sideways.  Left fender
pushed in about 1-2".  Right fender not lined up right anymore.  Hood
won't open.  I don't have collision ins. currently so I'm praying his
ins. co. are decent people!  I am very sad.

The good news (life is relative):  I'm ok (yup, gotta repeat that, a lot
of people get hurt *bad* in cars).  We'll see if my neck will move
tomorrow...  No vital fluids on road surface.  No, repeat NO, lights
cracked or damaged, even the signals in the bumper trim.  Car seems to
run, brake, and track ok.  Stereo still works, headlights still point in
the right direction.  I was planning on doing some body work anyway, but
not until this fall.  The drof will be able to be repaired with a soapy

Combined mileage of the two vehicles involved:  over 400,000.

I'm trying to find something to smile about here, ok?

Did I mention I sorta got hit by lighting (zapped through my phone)
about two weeks ago?

And oh yeah, I took a pebble in the windshield earlier *today*.  Star
type damage, at least I've got glass on my policy....

Did I mention that no one was hurt?

Huw Powell