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Re: 4KQ for a teen, yes

Cyclepimp@aol.com decided to speak these words:

>take it from a 15 year old, GET THEM THE COUPE!\

I dunno, to me, i just seem to like the looks of the 4kq the best, even 
over a coupe gt (the urq is quite a different story).  From the first day 
that i knew what one was and saw one (about a month after i got my coupe) 
i thought that it was just gorgeous.  I dont know why i like them so 
much.  They just kind of hit a chord with me.  So simplistic, utilitarian 
and so stylish at the same time.  The coupe without the flairs just kind 
of looks plain.  from the front it does look cool though, from the rear 
as well...but from a direct side view i would say it isnt all that 

I did notice that from an elevated viewpoint, the coupe GT looks 
fantastic from the side....

I think alot of the looks of these cars has to do with the lower sills 
under the doors...such a minor design touch that adds so much character...


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