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Re: blue headlights?

>My aunt's a MA State Trooper and she tells me that these blue add-on lights
>are ILLEGAL and you can be jailed and charged 5k for impersonating an

Huh.. Well, that doesn't really bother me as a driver, as I really hate the
blue lights. As a 'free' citizen, that does bother me.

I hope there is some training (ha yah right) for officers to distinguish
between HID 'blue' lights, and the cheap-o imitation BLUE floodlights. god
those are sick. 

They are HID, yah? I don't remember the physics involved.. Something
expensive to replace is all I recall. I suppose, that if you've got the
money for a Carerra 4, that an expensive headlight isn't really a concern,

PS - impersonating an officer? give me a break. I don't believe I've ever
seen a cop car drive around with two blue lights nearly scraping the
ground, and that feature alone. Usially, they've got the red and a blue,
alternating flashes, with the headlights on, and the high beams flashing.
Even the 'undercover' cars with the lights in the grille, without the
'speed brake' on top.