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Re: blue headlights?

>Yeah, i know alot of people who get pulled over cause of the blue bulbs.  

Really? I've never heard of it around here.. Must be something 'those other
people do'. :)

>What i did was go with the PIAA super white lights, they have a blue 

Those are sweet! I'd like a pair! Or a couple pair!

>out 135 watts of light helps with that amazing part as well.......

AFAIK, when light gets bright enough, all you really see is the 'white'
'color'. Besides, it's not like you've got a dark blue filter on the lenses
like with the knockoff-blue lights; any 'blue' is perceived because the way
the bulbs work, emitting more in the low wavelength spectrum.. I suppose
there is a degree of symmantics involved, but I don't really think it's
that hard to tell the difference between the two. One is for looks, one is
for function.

I don't recall the physics here, either, but I believe the idea was that
the lower wavelength (especially UV) light reflected better off of signs,
reflectors, animals, and that sort of thing, and thus improved saftey at
night. I recall some experimenters using some SERIOUS UV equipment to
illuminate the road, and being fairly succesful.

I wish I could see UV as well as deer can..