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Teen driving and Audi

Ok....so my sons both drive fast at times....I do to....(I have as many
tickets).  Both drive fast, but safe.  The two incidences of accidents
for them....
1.  Falling asleep on the highway.  Car and kids would have been fine
according to the cop if they had not hit a hidden culvert which broke
the rear axle and launched the car.  (They were driving it out of the
situation with such skill, the cop was amazed.)  Result, massive
rollover.  Result of that?  The Audi 5000 was totalled, kids were hurt,
BUT NOT KILLED.  Cops also mentioned the safety of the car which saved
their lives.  Lesson learned.....don't use cruise control if you are the
least bit tired.  Second lesson learned....the state -- after several
letters from myself and folks who had had similar problems in the same
area -- have put in rumble strips on Interstate 89 here in NH. 

2.  10mph crash into a curb with no seatbelts.  VERY FREAK ACCIDENT! 
Yes, kids got hurt (one through the windshield.  Undercarraige of car
totalled.  Anyother car?  Would have folded.  Lesson learned here,  wear
seat belts at all times. 
(Yes, THIS ACCIDENT is true....I saw it myself or I wouldn't have
believed it.) 

3.  Myself, in my 90....hit left front corner by a teen in a Subaru who
had his radio too loud and tunnel vision.  He took a left hand turn at
me without signal, braking, or stopping (even after impact).  Result, my
car was pushed several yards at speed and I simply had minor neck and
back injuries and a torn achilles tendon from getting my bad leg caught
in the pedals while trying to "drive" out of this kids way.

Lessons learned here.......by an Audi.  They protect their occupants
provided they use all safety precautions. 

Oh, teen driving bashing.  My kids travel thousands upon thousands of
miles a year and have had Audis since they were 17.  Be it 2wd or
AWD....they are the best car to have.  With the tremendous amount of
winter driving they do, I'd rather they were in a Q than anything else. 

Go for it for your kid.  It's well worth it. 

Lastly, we should not bash teen drivers.....have you seen the older
drivers lately?  They are f----n scary out there.  I have followed my
Mom and it's frightening!

Our current inventory of street cars: 
1987 Audi 5000 CSTQ  -- Dad's 
1989 Audi 5000 S Wagon -- Dad's loaner (when cars are in the shop)
1986 Audi Coupe GT -- Son's....getting new motor
1984 Audi 4000SQ -- son's
1987 Audi 4000SQ -- other son's 
1986 Audi Coupe GT -- both sons are building this into an SCCA ITB car
1989 Audi 90Q -- mine

On the lot....

1981 Audi 4000S 2wd -- parts car for sale (boys first Audi) 
1988 Audi 90 2wd -- my old totalled baby
1988 Audi 5000CSTQ -- parts car 

Any questions?