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Re: Oooooops, damn!

Huw Powell wrote:

> And oh yeah, I took a pebble in the windshield earlier *today*.  Star
> type damage, at least I've got glass on my policy....

This reminds me of something. Check with your insurance company
to be sure. If you get a small "star" crack in you windshield, call one
of these glass repair places (here in the Twin Cities, NOVUS is the
company I've used). They can usually do such a good job that the crack
is only visible in direct sunlight. The good news is that most
insurance companies will wave your deductable and pay the full
amount on the repair. Since the average repair only costs $50, I'm
assuming they would rather pay $50, than the $250 or more for
a windshield replacement.

By the way, the I asked the guy what to do in case he couldn't
get to me right away, especially in winter, as I didn't want the
crack to get bigger, he said to put a piece of regular Scotch tape
over the crack. It helps keep out any water which could expand
and spread the crack. DON'T press down too hard when doing
this though, or you will spread the crack yourself.

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