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oil pan baffles, again

Perusing the fiche last night in my continued attempts at learning the
differences between the 200tq and S2 3B's, I finally _saw_ something I
must've _looked_ at twenty times:  The euro 3B in the S2 has a very nice
looking oil pan baffle.  It looks ideally designed to control oil movement
in hard cornering and to prevent pooled oil from being slapped by the crank.

PN 034 103 623A, "restricter" appears to be a sheet metal tray, designed to
conform to the general shape of the crank.  It is slotted lengthwise to
allow passage of oil.  It's edges are sandwiched between two pan gaskets.

I wish I'd seen it before reassembling the engine:  too late to easily
install it now.   Who knows, maybe it's one of those pieces US dealers can
get, like the S2 intercooler and return pipe.

Brandon Hull
'91 "ersatz" S2 in progress